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Profiled Panel Systems

An unobtrusive security fencing system, offering a medium level of security.


Profiled Weldmesh Fencing System      

Rigid panel system offering reasonably high resistance to vandalism. Open mesh fence profile allows excellent through visibility. Strength of the panel is gained by two or more pre formed horizontal chevron beams (number of beams dependant on fence height). The design of the panel makes it tricky to climb and difficult to cut or deform. Barbed top to panel further deters climbing. No head or finger traps. Child friendly with no sharp protrusions on the mesh. The configuration of the panel gives a reasonable level of  resistance to impact.





Rolled hollow section steel posts of sections to suit fence height with mounting brackets to attach the panels.

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Profiled mesh panels are constructed with various wire sizes and mesh patterns depending on the style and manufacturer.

The range includes panels formed using :-

6.0mm horizontal wires and 4.0mm vertical wires constructed with horizontal wires at 150mm centres and vertical wires at 22mm and 40mm centres forming a stripe effect.

5.0mm horizontal and vertical wires constructed in a 200mm x 50mm mesh.

4.5mm horizontal and vertical wires constructed in a 100mm x 50mm mesh.

3.0mm horizontal and vertical wires constructed with horizontal wires at 50mm centres and vertical wires at 50mm and 12.5mm centres.

Panels are fully welded at each intersection with the addition of a number of pressed ”V” beams dependant on panel height.

Panel widths 2500mm and 3000mm


Panel clamps to secure the panels to the posts at centres to suit the fence height.



Stainless steel or galvanised “Anti-Vandal” fixings to secure the panel clamps to the posts.


Hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 or Hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and Polyester Powder Coated to standard RAL colours.


Single pedestrian gate or double leaf vehicle gates are available to suit the fence.

Panel height

Available in heights upto 3030mm which includes a 30mm spike protruding at the top of the panel.

Fences can be constructed to any height by installing multiple lifts of panels.


  • Schools

  • Education authorities

  • Councils

  • Hospitals   

  • Commercial and industrial estates 

  • Parks

  • Recreation Grounds

  • Sports Grounds


  • Perimeter demarcation

  • Secure enclosures

  • Internal dividing fences