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Double “D” Section Steel Palisade

These pales have been designed to incorporate the best elements of the "D" and "W" section pales and are regularly tested and exceed the requirements of the British Standard bending test.

Whilst exceeding the stringent requirements of BS1722 Part 12, 2006 the system is lighter, stronger and more economical than conventional steel palisade fencing systems. The Double “D” complete cold rolled Security Fencing system provides reduced installation times, increased security and an aesthetically pleasing yet extremely secure perimeter fence.

Its strong and durable construction provides excellent protection against vandalism. The shape of the double "D" section profile offers much better protection to the head of the fixing as the head is recessed into the profile and pressed dimples above and below the head make attack on the fixings more difficult, also the double "D" profile gives a positive contact between the pale and the rail at the fixing point making the fixing more secure.

Pales are set at regular intervals offering excellent through visibility and are available in three thicknesses to suit all budget and security needs . A third rail can be added to achieve greater security.

The cold rolled manufacturing process produces a double thickness rounded Dutch beaded edge to the pale which ensures that there are no sharp protrusions therefore offering a safe fence for areas where children play.

Good Visibility
Anti Climb
Safe and Secure

Specifications for Double “D” Section Steel Palisade


Cross Section of Post

Stronger* Posts formed from a cold rolled steel section nominally 2.8mm thick and 105 x 45mm in section, erected at 2.75 metre maximum centre's. Each post having a pointed top and holed twice for link plates also holed through the base for improved keying into the concrete foundations. (* These posts give greater resistance to bending in the X-X Axis than conventional RSJ posts and therefore will resist greater pressures applied to the face of the fence)
127mm x 76mm Universal beam posts are available for fence heights of 3.0 metres and above if required.

Cross Section of Rail

Rolled Steel “C” section Rails (Section for identification only Do Not Scale)
Two rolled steel “C” section rails per bay, each nominally 50mm x 63mm in section and 2.72 metres long, holed at 152 mm centre's for pale fixings and at each end for link plate fixings. These rails are prestressed and out-perform the conventional rolled steel angle rails and are designed to eliminate the need for support legs and reduce the potential foothold area also restricting access to the back of the fixings. The top rail provides an addition level of security in the form of “Anti-Grab” Tags.
A third rail can also be fitted to increase the level of security.

Cross Section of Double “D” Section Pale

Double “D” section Pale (Section for identification only Do Not Scale)
The new concept in steel palisade fencing is a performance based steel palisade pale which has been designed and engineered so that it is both lighter and stronger than traditional steel palisade pales. It is available in three strength grades, General Purpose and Security Purpose to meet the requirements of BS1722 part 12, and Economy to meet the needs of the commercial market. Manufactured with a unique corrugated “Double D” section pale profile with “Dutch” Beaded edges. Each pale is 50mm shorter than the fence height to allow for ground clearance and holed twice for 8mm anti-vandal fixings with the addition of bolt head protection. Pales are available with triple pointed and splayed, single pointed, rounded and notched pale head shape options.

Link Plates 30 mm x 6 mm mild steel flat 120 mm long, holed twice for rail fixings.
Support Legs (Optional) Two support legs in 40 mm x 20 mm x 5 mm channel per complete bay of fence to reduce sagging of the rails over time, and prevent “Sea-sawing” of fence panels across the post. (one leg per bay on fences of 1.8 metres high or less).
Pale Fixings 8mm Bright zinc plated "Anti Vandal" rivets and collars requiring specialist tools for setting or 8mm galvanised bolts with "Anti Vandal" permacone nuts designed to shear off when correct torque is reached.
Post to Rail Fixings 12 mm galvanised coach bolts with permacone nuts.
Hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 or Hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and Polyester Powder Coated to standard RAL colours.

Sections are given for identification only (Do Not Scale) All dimensions are Nominal

Beware of the cheaper prices for steel palisade fencing as these may be for an inferior quality steel palisade (i.e. supplied without support legs, or with smaller rail sections, or with pales manufactured from softer, narrower and thinner strip of steel with a less defined poorer pale profile secured with 6mm fixings). Only materials issued with a Certificate of Conformity should be considered to be manufactured in accordance with BS1722 part 12, 2006.

'W' Section

Double 'D' Section

Rivetless 'D' Section