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Entrance Gates

Gates can be manufactured to suit all fence heights and styles and can have opening widths of up to 12.0 metres for pairs and 6.0 metres for singles. They can be manufactured to suit your needs, back hung to open into site 180 degrees, face hung to open out of site 180 degrees or side hung to open into or out of site 90 degrees each way.

Bespoke pairs of gates can be manufactured with equal or odd width gate leaves, allowing the smaller leaf of a pair of gates to be used as a pedestrian gate, whilst the larger leaf can be used as a vehicle access. Odd leaf pairs of gates can also be used to solve problems with sloping ground, or where there is restricted space to accommodate the ark of the gate.

Sliding gates can be used to maximize useable space.

Generally it is always best to site gates in a clear and level location. However, problems with sloping ground can be overcome by use of specially designed gates with tapered bottoms, parallelogram gate frames, by fitting of rising hinges, or the manufacture of Bi-folded gate frames.

Single gates are generally used for pedestrian access but can be manufactured to suit any width of opening up to 6.0 metres wide. Gates are available to complement all fence styles either for setting into the ground, or wall mounted. They can be manufactured to bespoke designs or suit existing openings between walls or combined with a pair of gates to form a triple gate set.


Steel Palisade Gates

Vertical Bar Gates