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Steel Palisade Product Overview

Steel palisade fencing is probably the most versatile and cost effective perimeter security fence on the market. Because of its all steel construction it offers a formidable deterrent to would be intruders and can have anti climb and anti vandal features engineered into its design. Steel Pailisade Security Fence

Steel palisade fencing can easily be made to follow ground level contours, or have bespoke posts made for bolting onto concrete surfaces or the back of walls, posts can also be cranked (dog legged) for setting the fence on top of walls or extended to carry barbed wire, razor wire or rotary toppings.

Gates are available to match all steel palisade fence types in sizes up to 12.0 metres wide. Fans are also available to bespoke designs for finishing fence runs adjacent to rivers, ditches, pipes and other obstacles.

gates gates

Steel palisade fences are usually hot dip galvanised after manufacture to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 thereby giving a long service life and can also be Polyester Powder Coated to virtually any desired colour. This could be to match a corporate image or help blend the fence into the environment.

Steel palisade fences are available with the following pale profiles :-"D" section, "W" section and Double "D" section, which strengthen and change the properties of the pale. Well defined pale profiles can increase the strength of the pale and the protection offered to the pale fixings. Pales designed and manufactured to pass the bending tests in accordance with BS1722 part 12 can be issued with a certificate of conformity, if requested at time of order.

'W' Section

Double 'D' Section

Rivetless 'D' Section







Steel palisade pale head shapes include :- Rounded & Notched, Rounded, Square, Single Pointed and Triple Pointed & Splayed, all designed to meet customers needs and compliment the various locations where steel palisade fencing is used.

Triple Pointed & Splayed

Rounded & Notched

Single Point



Steel palisade fencing is one of the most popular and secure fence systems where high security and excellent value for money are required. Its strength, durability and highly engineered specification makes it the ideal perimeter solution for many applications. It offers an efficient and cost effective solution to deter crime and vandalism and is approved by many insurance companies as one of the most favourable security fence systems.
Vertical pales set at regular intervals allowing excellent through visibility.

Standard heights for steel palisade fencing are 1.8 metres, 2.0 metres, 2.1 metres, 2.4 metres, 2.75 metres and 3.0 metres. Other heights can also be specially manufactured to suit customers specific requirements ranging from 0.3 metres high as wall toppings up to 3.6 metres high.