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Strained Wire Weldmesh and Chainlink Product Overview

Fences of this type, comprise of long lengths of light welded mesh or chain link fabric, which are rolled out and strained tight, then clipped to line wires all pulled tight between straining posts. Intermediate posts are provided at regular intervals and set to the height and gradients of the line wires, which generally run in a straight line and constant gradient between straining posts. This category of fence is ideal for long, straight fence lines at continuous gradients as it uses the cheapest forms of infill materials and intermediate posts, however the labour and materials needed for the straining posts is comparatively expensive.

Strained Wire Mesh


Strained wire fences can be made to follow ground level gradients, they are however best suited to flat and level ground as any change in direction requires additional straining posts thereby significantly increasing cost. Bespoke steel posts can be made for bolting onto concrete surfaces or the back of walls, steel posts can also be cranked (dog legged) for setting the fence on top of walls. All post types can be extended to carry barbed wire, razor wire or rotary toppings. 

Strained wire mesh



Posts for strained Chainlink and weldmesh fences are most commonly manufactured from Steel or Concrete however timber posts could also be used to suit aesthetic or budget requirements. Tubular steel systems are also available, comprising tubular steel posts with a tubular steel top rail fitted through castings for mounting on top of the posts, All post types are generally holed for the attachment of the wires and straining fittings. 

srained wore on concrete posts strained wire on metal posts
strained wire gates strained wire mesh gates
Gates are available to match the fence types in sizes up to 10.0 metres wide.