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Weldmesh Panel and Expanded Metal Mesh Systems Product Overview

Weldmesh panel fencing is a robust and versatile post and panel fencing system which can offer a maximum security fence, a strong ball games enclosure fence or a good looking medium security perimeter fence. They can be manufactured to BS1722 Part 14 or to a bespoke specification.

Usually hot dip galvanised after manufacture, to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 thereby giving a long service life and can then be polyester powder coated to virtually any desired colour. This could be to match a corporate image or simply to brighten up the visual impact of the fence

Flat Panels

Chevron Panels

Twin Bar Panels 868 and Triple 6

Expanded Metal Mesh

Weldmesh Panels are available with various mesh options, in three main styles:

  • Flat panels of welded mesh with all wires of the same gauge
  • Chevron panels which can have wires of the same gauge or horizontal wires of a different gauge to the vertical wires with the addition of horizontal "V" beams to increase the rigidity of the panel
  • Double wire panels ("TWIN BAR") which generally have all wires of the same gauge or for additional security the twin horizontal wires can be of a heavier gauge than the vertical wires.


  • Mesh Panels manufactured from a perforated and stretched sheet of galvanised steel rather than welded wires and clamped to horizontal stringer rails and posts to provide a very effective security fence.

Weldmesh panel and expanded metal mesh systems form durable and strong perimeter security comprising prefabricated mesh panels clamped to posts with retaining brackets and clamp bars secured with stainless or galvanised steel anti vandal security bolts.

Generally Weldmesh Panels follow ground level contours by stepping the panels at the posts; however bespoke steel infill panels can be manufactured to close large gaps. The panels could also be set with half of their width in a cut trench and the other half out of a trench to effectively halve the gap underneath the panels.

Expanded Metal Panels which are clamped to stringer rails can be set to follow the general contours of the ground.

cranked weldmesh

The posts are generally made for setting into the ground in concrete foundations.

Alternatively posts can be base plated for bolting onto concrete surfaces or lugged for bolting onto the back of walls.

Posts can also be cranked (dog legged) for setting the fence on top of walls or extended to carry barbed wire, razor wire or rotary toppings.

Single pedestrian gates or double leaf vehicular gates are available to suit entrances up to 12.0 metres wide to match all weldmesh and expanded metal panel types. These can be manufactured to suit site dimensions and can be fitted with adjustable hinges, drop bolts and shrouded slide bars and lock to suit your requirements.

Bespoke designed anti-scaling fans are also available for finishing fence runs adjacent to rivers, ditches, pipes and other obstacles.